Apistogramma nijsseni is a species of cichlid fish, endemic to highly restricted local black water habitats in the Quebrada Carahuayte, a small stream in the Ucayali River drainage, southern Peru. what you saw in the photo. But for the species-groups/complexes: http://apisto.sites.no/page.aspx?PageId=118. The species is a member of the family Cichlidae. Apistogramma bitaeniata "Rio Tigre" Apistogramma bitaeniata "Shishita" Apistogramma borelli "Panatal" Apistogramma borelli "Opal" Apistogramma cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Apistogramma cacatuoides "Putumayo" Apistogramma cacatuoides "Rio Napo" Apistogramma cacatuoides "Triple Red" Apistogramma elizabethae. The male reaches a maximum length of 8 cm (3 in), the female remaining somewhat smaller. 45335); erythrura: The species epithet is a compound derived from the Greek erythro (=red) and ura (=tail). Ces espèces se situent principalement dans le bassin de l'Amazone ainsi qu'au Venezuela.. Selon Kullander, qui a révisé le genre en 1980, les espèces du genre Apistogramma peuvent être distinguées grâce aux caractères morphologiques suivants : When the Apistogramma sp. Wow, wild-type cacatuoides is just as pretty as the linebred ones. It is not like tracking down a kenyi Pseudotropheus lombardoi because Apistogramma are not being mass produced. List of Nominal Species of Cichlidae (Cichlids) Show all fishes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is unlikely that you will run across this rare dwarf cichlid in a local pet store and if you do they will probably be mislabeled. Apistogramma: from the Greek apisto, meaning ‘meaning uncertain, inconstant, unstable, faithless’, and gramme, meaning ‘line’, in reference to the variably-developed lateral line in member species. Only the genus Crenicichla can compete with it in numbers of species. Apistogramma and Apistogrammoides spawn in caves, Dicrossus and Crenicara on leaves, wood, etc. The Publication information refers to species descriptions. Apistogramma: Species: A. cacatuoides. Aequidens. I tried to get pictures that closely resemble the wild-type. Almost all of the species gravitate to blackwater regions in the wild. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! I will send some photos off to the experts in the field and see what they have to say. Apistogramma allpahuayo Römer, Beninde, Duponchelle, Díaz, Ortega, Hahn, Soares, Cachay, Dávila, Cornejo & Renno, 2012. By Don Kinyon The number of Apistogramma species that goes on my “need” list seems to increase exponentially for some reason, but this on... Apistogramma rubrolineata Collecting, Keeping and Spawning This Wild Apisto from the Madre de Dios By Don … Quelques espèces de cichlidés nains : •Apistogramma agassizii: ce cichlidé proviens du Rio Ucayali au Pérou mais certaine espèce ou été découverte dans l'ensemble des régions des fleuves de l'amazone (brésil). Caractéristiques. At full maturity, the average adult Apistogramma size is around 3 inches in max length. http://apisto.sites.no/page.aspx?PageId=118. This is a list of ACTINOPTERYGII in Bolivia according to the IUCN Red List.. The few species that are available are rarely for sale in the local fish stores. A delicate species that is only recommended for those aquariasts wanting a challenge. Hoedeman, 1951. Content of these species pages aims to: Initially this will be a personal project but feedback is welcome. commbrae: Regan did not explicitly explain the meaning, though he mentioned he had intended to name the species … This list was last updated 2019-09-14 . 93245). Apistogramma sp. resticulosa "Nathaneal" Apistogramma roraimae. While dwarf cichlids get along well with just about every type of fish, you need to be careful about keeping them with large fish species. Species names shown as hyperlinks (blue underlined) jump to a dedicated page for that species. As recall seeing them on at least one list in the past year. “Hauswell”. Le genre Apistogramma comprend environ 90 espèces (dont 63 décrites scientifiquement) appartenant à la famille des Cichlidae. Length 4 cm SL. I made a list of them: Apistogramma acrensis (Staeck, 2003) - PictureApistogramma agassizii (Steindachner, 1875) - PictureApistogramma aguarico (Römer & Hahn, 2013) - PictureApistogramma alacrina (Kullander, 2004) - No pictureApistogramma allpahuayo (Römer et al., 2012) - PictureApistogramma amoena (Cope, 1872) - No pictureApistogramma angayuara (Kullander & Ferreira, 2005) - PictureApistogramma arua (Römer & Warzel, 1998) - PictureApistogramma atahualpa (Römer, 1997) - PictureApistogramma baenschi (Römer et al., 2004) - PictureApistogramma barlowi (Römer, & Hahn, 2008) - PictureApistogramma bitaeniata (Pellegrin, 1936) - PictureApistogramma borellii (Regan, 1906) - PictureApistogramma brevis (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma cacatuoides (Hoedeman, 1951) - PictureApistogramma caetei (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma caudomaculata (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma cinilabra (Römer et al., 2011) - PictureApistogramma commbrae (Regan, 1906) - PictureApistogramma cruzi (Kullander, 1986) - PictureApistogramma diplotaenia (Kullander, 1987) - PictureApistogramma eleutheria (Varella & Britzke, 2016) - PictureApistogramma elizabethae (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma eremnopyge (Ready & Kullander, 2004) - PictureApistogramma erythrura (Staeck & Schindler, 2008) - PictureApistogramma eunotus (Kullander, 1981) - PictureApistogramma feconat (Römer et al., 2015) - PictureApistogramma flabellicauda (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma flavipedunculata (Varella & Britzke, 2016) - PictureApistogramma geisleri (Meinken, 1971) - PictureApistogramma gephyra (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma gibbiceps (Meinken, 1969) - PictureApistogramma gossei (Kullander, 1982) - PictureApistogramma guttata (Antonio, Kullander & Lasso, 1989) - PictureApistogramma helkeri (Schindler & Staeck, 2013) - PictureApistogramma hippolytae (Kullander, 1982) - PictureApistogramma hoignei (Meinken, 1965) - PictureApistogramma hongsloi (Kullander, 1979) - PictureApistogramma huascar (Römer, Pretor & Hahn, 2006) - PictureApistogramma inconspicua (Kullander, 1983) - PictureApistogramma iniridae (Kullander, 1979) - PictureApistogramma inornata (Staeck, 2003) - PictureApistogramma intermedia (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - No pictureApistogramma juruensis (Kullander, 1986) - PictureApistogramma kullanderi (Varella & Pérez, 2014) - PictureApistogramma lineata (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma linkei (Koslowski, 1985) - PictureApistogramma luelingi (Kullander, 1976) - PictureApistogramma macmasteri (Kullander, 1979) - PictureApistogramma martini (Römer et al., 2003) - No pictureApistogramma megaptera (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma meinkeni (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma mendezi (Römer, 1994) - PictureApistogramma minima (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma moae (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma nijsseni (Kullander, 1979) - PictureApistogramma norberti (Staeck, 1991) - PictureApistogramma nororientalis (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma ortegai (Britzke, de Oliveira & Kullander, 2014) - PictureApistogramma ortmanni (Eigenmann, 1912) - PictureApistogramma panduro (Römer, 1997) - PictureApistogramma pantalone (Römer et al., 2006) - PictureApistogramma paucisquamis (Kullander & Staeck, 1988) - PictureApistogramma paulmuelleri (Römer et al., 2013) - PictureApistogramma payaminonis (Kullander, 1986) - PictureApistogramma pedunculata (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma personata (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma pertensis (Haseman, 1911) - PictureApistogramma piaroa (Mesa & Lasso, 2011) - PictureApistogramma piauiensis (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma playayacu (Römer, Beninde & Hahn, 2011) - PictureApistogramma pleurotaenia (Regan, 1909) - PictureApistogramma pulchra (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma regani (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma resticulosa (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma rositae (Römer et al., 2006) - PictureApistogramma rubrolineata (Hein, Zarske & Zapata, 2002) - PictureApistogramma rupununi (Fowler, 1914) - PictureApistogramma salpinction (Kullander & Ferreira, 2005) - PictureApistogramma similis (Staeck, 2003) - PictureApistogramma sororcula (Staeck & Schindler, 2016) - PictureApistogramma staecki (Koslowski, 1985) - PictureApistogramma steindachneri (Regan, 1908) - PictureApistogramma taeniata (Günther, 1862) - PictureApistogramma trifasciata (Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903) - PictureApistogramma tucurui (Staeck, 2003) - PictureApistogramma uaupesi (Kullander, 1980) - PictureApistogramma urteagai (Kullander, 1986) - PictureApistogramma velifera (Staeck, 2003) - PictureApistogramma viejita (Kullander, 1979) - PictureApistogramma wapisana (Römer, Hahn & Conrad, 2006) - PictureApistogramma wolli (U. Römer et al., 2015) - Picture. Mamore. The female is considerably smaller, reaching only 5 centimetres. Collaborators for Species Apistogramma commbrae. It is not like tracking down a kenyi Pseudotropheus lombardoi because Apistogramma are not being mass produced. My sub (r/JosVermeulen) has the stuff you want (and more). | ITIS | CoL | WoRMS | Cloffa Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Cichlidae (Cichlids) > Geophaginae Etymology: Apistogramma: Greek, apisto = uncertain + Greek, gramma = graphic signal (Ref. The few species that are available are rarely for sale in the local fish stores. The upper half of the body is a rich blue while their bellies maintain that yellow-gold hue. Kansainvälinen luonnonsuojeluliitto IUCN on luokitellut sen elinvoimaiseksi lajiksi. Fiche de l'Apistogramma guttata avec les informations sur la taxonomie, la distribution, l'histoire naturelle, la maintennace en aquarium et la conservation ; incluant des photos, vidéos et une bibliographie extensive Apistogramma: from the Greek apisto, meaning ‘meaning uncertain, inconstant, unstable, faithless’, and gramme, meaning ‘line’, in reference to the variably-developed lateral line in member species. Dec 7, 2019 - Explore Chase's board "Apistogramma" on Pinterest. Currently there are 94 species of Apistogramma recognized. One of the first things you’ll notice about these species is how curious they are! Bayesian length-weight: a=0.01660 (0.00737 - 0.03739), b=3.05 (2.86 - 3.24), in cm Total Length, based on LWR estimates for this (Sub)family-body shape (Ref. However, they are a good dwarf with interesting behavior that is fairly easy to keep and breed. Please let me know if I have missed something. Like all Apistogramma species, the females are slightly duller and smaller. The fins take on a different shape than the Cockatoo species. Max. Apistogramma parva Ahl, 1931 Apistogramma agassizii is the scientific name for the Agassiz's dwarf cichlid , a fish that occurs in many Southern tributaries of the Amazon river . Apistogramma species Apistogramma linkei Name Homonyms Apistogramma linkei Koslowski, 1985 Common names Hohdekääpiöahven in Finnish Linkes Zwergbuntbarsch in German Linkes dværgcichlide in Danish 林氏隐带丽鱼 in language.

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